Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Becoming a Stay-At-Home-Mom, Part III

Part I and Part II of this series looked at my reasons to stay home and how we can afford it. In the final post in this series, I want to explore briefly what I will be doing with all this "free time" I will have.

Raising Peter.

OK, yes, but that is a huge over-simplification. :-) Some projects, activities, and general stuff I will be doing:

Learning German
My husband and I have read about the benefits of raising a bilingual child. Both of us know very basic Spanish and I have a loose grasp on American Sign Language (if all else fails, finger-spell!). We decided that I will teach Peter German because it is widely spoken in Europe, it is a root language for English, both of us have some German in our ethnic make-up, and I am more excited about learning German than re-learning Spanish. :-) I will be posting periodically about our success in this venture.

Planting a Vegetable Garden
The ground has thawed, although I expect more snow flurries before we move completely into spring. The first step in making my vision of a vegetable garden a reality is to dig up the ground-cover that is currently where we plan to have our food. I am hopeful that Peter will be old enough to enjoy playing in the dirt while I attempt to grow things. Here's what it looked like last summer:

Hanging out the Laundry
We have a nice clothesline in our back yard that I routinely used over the summer last year. I don't like getting cold, so I haven't been using it since September. As long as it is not raining or snowing, though, there is not a good excuse to avoid using the clothesline year-round.

I currently volunteer at Angel Care, a ministry of our church that provides items for mothers in need. I also help my mom occasionally at the thrift store where she volunteers, which gives away clothing and housewares (and sells to the general public). A friend at church has asked if I would like to get involved with a pro-life group where she volunteers. I am not positive what choices I will make about volunteer work, but I know I want to do it and only at places where Peter is welcome. I suppose teaching Sunday School falls into this category; I will continue doing that, too. I love those kids.

Using the Library
Our public library is only three miles away. I want to make good use of it, both for me and for Peter. I am hoping to get him involved in a Story Time program. Just bringing him to the library will help teach him about sharing, reading, and what behaviors are acceptable in different places.

Cooking applesauce, baking biscuits and Irish soda bread, sewing pillowcases, making curtains, changing our decorations with the seasons, keeping the house clean, making grocery lists and all the little things that go with maintaining a home and family.

What was that about free time? :-)

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