Monday, April 4, 2011

Going Natural

Peter spent much of today with no diaper. Since most of our house is carpeted, I spent much of today trying to entertain him while keeping him on a towel. Neither of us was thrilled about this arrangement.

Saturday morning, we noticed that he had a little diaper rash. By Sunday morning, it was so bad that he was bleeding a little. Poor little boy! The only new food introduced was oatmeal, which seems an unlikely culprit, although possible. My best guess is that he soiled his diaper just as we put him to bed for the night and being in a messy diaper overnight aggravated what would have been a minor case of diaper rash.

We went out and bought some organic diaper cream and some 6-ply (pretty thin) prefolds. When he must have a diaper on, I am using a prefold in our SoftBum covers, to avoid getting diaper cream on our regular diapers. When possible, I'm letting him go diaper-free, hoping that this will help the healing process. Thankfully, it got up to 65 today, which is the temperature at which we keep our thermostat anyway. Peter and I took advantage of this to spend a little time outside. Much better than trying to keep him in one place when he wants to work on crawling. Besides, I got some cute pictures. :-)

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