Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Organic Easter

Peter got his first Easter basket today from my husband's parents. In addition to three balls, a board book (not pictured), and a picture of Peter with his grandparents, it had some of his favorite foods: avocados, bananas, and organic applesauce. Then, for added excitement, organic teething biscuits and organic banana puffs! I am incredibly grateful.
First Easter basket!
The picture frame matches the jungle theme of Peter's room.
It's not just that my in-laws were thoughtful enough to get age-appropriate gifts, but that they decided to actively support us in our decision to provide Peter with healthy, organic food. They, like my parents, do not buy organic for themselves. To me, that makes this gesture that much more meaningful. "We're not sure why this is important to you, but we know that it is, and we support you." Thank you thank you thank you!


  1. david LOVES those happy baby banana puffs...they also have them in a couple other flavors...they are the first food that he really wanted to feed to himself. we always have them on hand. and it was very sweet of your in-laws to be so thoughtful with peter's easter basket!

  2. We took them along for our trip to Iowa -- what a lifesaver! We just might have to check out the other flavors!