Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mistress of the Wardrobe

When I announced that I was pregnant (with Peter, although we didn't know it was him at the time), my cousin offered me her Maternity Clothes Library. It turns out that she and her friends have a big box of medium and large maternity clothes that they rotate among themselves as each person needs it. Such a great idea! Especially since maternity clothes aren't known for fitting a precise body type (unless "round" is a body type). At any rate, with what she loaned me, I only 'needed' to buy a pair of jeans. My parents also bought me a couple dressy tops and a sweatshirt, which I kept. When I returned the Library, I included a few less-loved maternity things that had come my way.
One of many lovely maternity outfits.
(I am trying to put a onesie on a duck. It was a baby shower.)
(And I sunburn easily.)
Now I am in the Nursing Clothes stage. Admittedly, this is mostly my regular clothes plus about 10 designated nursing tops that I wear to church or other dressy places. The only clothes removed from my closet are shirts that did not accommodate my new top-heavy state and dresses that make it impossible to nurse without showing MUCH more than I want to bare (I like to keep my underwear color a personal matter). Still, there is a box in the attic currently with those tops and dresses. I'm not sure what to do with it.
On the one hand, it has been more than a year since I wore these, so I certainly don't need them and likely won't miss them. On the other hand, the day will come when I am neither pregnant nor nursing and they will fit again. If I keep them, it is possible that it will be many years before I wear them. If I donate them, I might find myself with only t-shirts and worn-out nursing tops and need to *gasp* spend money on more clothes in the future.
What have you done with your unwearables?


  1. If you are planning on having more babies, I would say to invest in some really good nursing clothes now. Some Bravado or Glamourmom tanks are essential because you will feel good wearing them under your shirts, your breasts will be fully supported, your belly won't show when you lift up your shirt AND they are very high quality and wash very well.

    AND I would get rid of old pre-pregnancy clothes unless they are classic, beautiful pieces. Trust me (as a mother of 4), you won't want to put on old t-shirts from the attic when your nursing days are over!

    Loved the idea of the Maternity Clothes Library. You were lucky!

  2. what a lovely idea to share clothes in this way. My maternity clothes is in the loft in case my DD ever wants it LOL!

  3. Thanks, Patti. I have a couple nursing tanks now and they are an integral part of my wardrobe. :-) I appreciate the advice!

    Mrs Green -- by that time, they will probably be back in style. :-)