Monday, April 11, 2011

Mein Kopf ist Voll.

Last week I went to the library and picked out two German picture dictionaries, a beginner book on the language, and a set of CDs for audio practice. I have been working with these since then, reading the books in the evening and listening to lessons one and two in the car. It is very humbling. I am blessed with the ability to learn languages more easily than many people, but my mind can only absorb so much information at one time. 


I am confident that I will eventually have a decent grasp of German. It helps that it is very similar to English. Oddly enough, having learned Spanish is proving helpful in learning a new language, although the two have almost nothing in common. My years of Spanish in middle and high school have given me a framework into which I can fit this new language. It is fascinating to learn more about how my mind works. That being said, I am grateful that there is no time frame for becoming fluent in German!


  1. At first I thought the title of this post said Mein Kampf, 1st Vol...oops! :-)

  2. Thanks, Lauren! Don't worry, Emily, my husband thought the same thing. :-)