Thursday, April 28, 2011

Home again

"We pretty much have the best son." So said my husband as I was debating what to write this evening. I agree. We returned today from our trip to Iowa to say goodbye to my Grandpa, which was about 1,750 miles round-trip. Peter was so well-behaved, even when he was tired and just wanted to get out of his car seat. Also, he has a minor cold that makes it difficult for him to sleep soundly or nurse comfortably. When people comment on what a good baby he is, my husband and I often quip, "You know how they say God won't give you more than you can handle? We figure He doesn't have much confidence in us. 'Start them off easy, it's their first one.'"

We are grateful to be home. Peter was so happy to revisit his toys, books, and magnetic letters. I am thankful for my own bed and regular food again. My husband... needs to work 27 hours by Saturday night in order to get to 40 for the week. Such is life.


  1. What a sweetie...I'm glad he's helped make a difficult time easier for you!

  2. Thanks. Yeah, it's nice to have someone who always wants to give me a hug. :-)