Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Christ is risen, shout Hosanna!

"We are an Easter people. Alleluia is our song!" St. Augustine

We had a beautiful Easter weekend. My husband and I attended the Easter Vigil, which is my favorite Mass of the year. I love how the liturgy engages all five senses in the celebration of the Resurrection. Also, both of us sponsored children who were Confirmed and made their First Communion at that Mass. On Easter Sunday we attended morning Mass with my parents and Peter. (He did not attend the Vigil, as I think 2.5 hours is asking a bit much of a 9 month old!) We had a lovely brunch with my parents and my brother with his family. It was a small, informal celebration, but a celebration to be sure. Jesus Christ is risen!

A sad note to this season: My grandpa is dying of liver cancer, so we are in the process of saying our goodbyes. In some ways, this is the "right" season, with such an emphasis on eternal life and the resurrection, but there is never an easy time to let go. Prayers for him and for our family would be greatly appreciated.

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