Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bed-sharing and Co-sleeping

Until Peter was a couple months old, I thought these terms were interchangeable. I also felt slightly ashamed that we didn't co-sleep at night, given the benefits this practice provides. Then, while wandering around the internet, I discovered that, in fact, we were co-sleeping! *Phew* Peter has, since his second night home, slept in a travel Pack-n-Play approximately 6 inches from my side of the bed. (This requires some careful maneuvering to get in and out of bed without jostling him.) The first night, he was SO FAR AWAY -- probably 10 feet from my husband's side of the bed. I was not happy. We moved him the next day.

Sadly, he no longer sucks his thumb.
It was cute while it lasted.
For naps, we regularly bed-share (4-5 times a week). Sometimes just Peter sleeps, sometimes both of us. These one to two hour snuggles make me question now and then if we should bed-share at night. We originally ruled it out because our mattress is a pillow-top and my husband was concerned that he would roll over onto Peter. Both of these are still true, so it's not really an open question, but I still think about it.
Nap time!

Then I get a wake-up call. Last night, Peter woke around 2:30 to nurse, which is a little earlier than he has been waking recently. I nursed him back to sleep and tried to put him down. He wouldn't have it. Long story short, he spent the entire night in our bed, nursing sporadically. I was exhausted this morning. I cannot fall soundly asleep when he is in bed with me! Every time he twitches or makes a noise, I wake up. A series of catnaps works fine for an afternoon nap, but not for overnight. I guess my family will stick with just co-sleeping.
I set Peter down while I got ready to go :-)

[ The AAP states, "There is growing evidence that room sharing (infant sleeping in the parent’s room) without bed sharing is associated with a reduced risk of SIDS."]

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