Monday, March 14, 2011

Walking the mall

A friend of mine hates shopping malls. She is upset by the rampant commercialism. She gets discouraged seeing all the anxious, hurried people racing from one store to the next. I understand her point of view. I agree with her that commercialism can be dangerous and damaging to our relationships with one another and with God. Despite that, however, I love walking the mall. I rarely buy anything. I like to be around people and observe this microcosm of our society. When it is too cold to be comfortable outside for long (October through at least March here in upstate New York!), the mall is a safe, warm place to walk with Peter. There are many things for him to see and smell and hear. He was fascinated this evening to watch the fountain for about five minutes. I don't go to the mall as a mecca of commercialism, but as one more place to go when we are tired of being home.

What are your thoughts on shopping malls?

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