Thursday, March 10, 2011

Live simply, live green

A few quick tips that save time and/or money in my house:
* Have a laminated placemat on the counter that is not adjacent to the sink. When making sandwiches or other things that cause small messes, the entire thing can be lifted over to the sink and rinsed off.
* Use less toothpaste. The dental hygienist said at my last visit that if you use enough friction (not pressure!) and brush with baking soda a couple times weekly, you never need toothpaste. Personally, I like the minty taste, so I put just enough to coat the tops of the bristles -- about half the "pea-sized" amount recommended for small children.
* Eat rice. Find a dish you like that uses rice and replace one meal a week with it. It is so inexpensive!
* Take low pressure showers. I love to stand in the shower and relax. We have a water-efficient shower head, but I have found that even with it I can afford to lower the water pressure. Now I can relax with less guilt!
* Buy used clothes. They cost less. I don't feel awful when they get stained. I can find fun, unusual clothes. Fun fact: Putting clothes (and toys, bedding, etc.) in the dryer for a minimum of 45 minutes on high heat kills bed bugs and lice.

"Live simply so that others may simply live." (Attributed to lots of people)

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