Wednesday, March 16, 2011

No gas shortages here

My mom and I made traditional Irish shortbread tonight in preparation for the St. Patrick's Day dinner at church tomorrow night. It was delicious and fun to make, aside from frequent trips upstairs to cuddle and soothe Peter back to sleep. He was gassy. Actually, he has been gassy since he was about a month old (and was exclusively breastfed until he was six months old). I've tried eliminating dairy, soy, and even chocolate from my diet. It can't be anything he is eating, because he had the problem long before he started solids. We have tried multiple burping positions, keeping him upright for 20 minutes after he eats, and even gas drops. Nothing seems to make an appreciable difference. Tonight as I lulled him back to sleep with my hand on his stomach, I could feel the bubbles moving around in there. My poor baby. Any suggestions?

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