Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Myth of the Minivan

While I was pregnant, my husband read a few parenting books, some of which were aimed at fathers-to-be. One in particular was full of so many inaccurate assumptions about our lifestyle that he read parts aloud just to keep me entertained. For example, "If this is your first child, you probably will only need one minivan to start." The idea that we would need a minivan (and possibly two) for one tiny baby is absurd. Friends cautioned us, "It's not the baby that takes up so much space, it's all the stuff the baby needs!" Again, how much stuff does a baby actually need?

We have a Nissan Versa. We love this car. It is a narrow hatchback that somehow has oodles of room inside. We have fit two computer desks (simultaneously), a treadmill, and a book case in it at different times. We have comfortably traveled with Peter, including a five day, 3000 mile trip from upstate NY to Dallas, TX. The most recent Versa adventure was a short trip to my husband's first gig with his current band. The trip was only about 90 minutes, but the impressive part was that we got Peter, our luggage for staying over night (including a pack-n-play), and my husband's drum kit into the car. Well, all except for the floor tom. But that is still a bass drum & kick pedal, two rack toms, snare drum & stand, high hat, three cymbals & their stands, drum throne, and the rug.

Now, I'm not saying minivans are pointless. They have their place. My parents have one and we have borrowed it to transport some bigger purchases. It has also been nice when five or six of us are traveling together to the Midwest. My cousins have a minivan that they use all the time. They also have four children in car seats or booster seats. Some day, we might get a minivan of our own. But it won't be for one child.

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