Thursday, March 24, 2011

Language development

One of the joys of raising an infant is watching him master new skills almost daily. Peter has recently learned how to clap and will usually perform if we say, "Yay!" At eight months old, he still has some time before I would expect him to produce language, but he certainly demonstrates understanding. He gets excited when I ask if he wants to see Daddy. He has started to make an affirmative noise ("Eh! eh! eh!") in answer to some questions, such as "Do you want a book?" or "Do you want to nurse?" We also use signs for book and nurse, so that might be helping. His language development makes me more aware of the songs I sing around him. I have been learning how to play Boolavogue on the piano; consequently, I've been singing it frequently. The melody is pretty, but the lyrics tell the story of a failed uprising against the British. One line is, "The Yeos of Tulla took Father Murphy and burned his body upon the rack." Not a lullaby, to say the least. I've started humming that line.

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