Monday, March 7, 2011

Home economics

I am a firm believer that your home speaks volumes about your values, priorities, and personality. I want my home to be welcoming to big and little people, to be clean and organized, to reflect our interests, and to emphasize the importance of family. I like my home to be interesting.

If we suddenly had an increase in disposable income, I would spend a fair amount of it playing house. I'm not talking about major renovations (although we have a few of those we want to do, too), but rather the simple things: reupholstering our couch, getting a phonograph that works, or replacing the curtains. As it is, I try to content myself with smaller improvements, like designating baskets to hold things that otherwise would be all over the place (books we're reading to Peter, various baby items).

When I read about toy spaces that work, I get all excited and want to restructure my house. When Better Homes & Gardens arrives each month, it's a guarantee that I will organize a closet or something; I get so motivated. I want my home to reflect the best of me; it inspires me to live up to that image.

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