Thursday, February 17, 2011


We babysat a friend's little girl for a few hours yesterday and again this morning. She is about 18 months old and very cute. She was well-behaved while she was here, treating Peter very gently and being careful with the toys and books she used. Aside from accidentally spilling a fruit cup on her shirt, it was an ideal babysitting situation. But I am exhausted. I know that when it is my own child, I won't feel the need to be hyper-vigilant, but I am still concerned. How will I manage watching two or more small children while keeping on top of housework and spending time with my husband? I have said that if God blesses us with another child, I want to quit work and stay home full time... after this experience, I think it will be a matter of necessity, not preference. I am sure a contributing factor to my stress level is that I put in five hours of work today, which is the most I've worked since returning from maternity leave. "Don't worry about tomorrow, for each day has troubles enough of its own." I know His grace will always be sufficient for my needs. Maybe this time before bed should be a time of relaxing with God and my husband, rather than a time for dishes.

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