Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Matters of the heart

How do you balance the needs of a family? My family is small, composed of my husband, son, and me at this point. When the baby is exhausted, my husband is struggling with his own difficulties, and I just want to escape for a few hours to have time alone, it is hard to determine whose needs should have priority. Peter cannot care for himself, which usually means we respond to him immediately. I struggle, however, when I know he is fed, clean, and dry yet still is inconsolable if he is more than six inches away from me. My husband is capable of handling things on his own, but I am his wife and want to help him when I am able. I love both of the guys in my little family and desire to make life good for them. It's not that I feel guilty for taking time for myself; I want to help as much as I want to have a break. "In all things I do my best and then to God I leave the rest." I pray that God grants me the wisdom to manage my needs and care for my family at the same time.

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