Monday, February 14, 2011

Love and marriage

Before I had ever met my husband, a good friend of mine told me that marriage should be synergistic. You shouldn't get married because you're lonely, or you want children, or even 'only' because you're in love. Marriage is a sacrament and a covenant with God; as such, He should be a major player in the decision. When two Christians marry, they should do so because together they can serve God better than either of them can individually.
My husband and I will have been married 2 1/2 years on Wednesday. I can state with no hesitation that I can better serve God with my husband by my side than I could on my own. He is the one who supports me when I am unsure, questions my intentions when they appear less than honorable, teaches me through his own struggles, and encourages me in my success. We talk through issues of morality, decisions about child-rearing, and how to make a positive impact on our society. When I am faltering, he finds faith enough for both of us. He is my sounding board for ideas for my Sunday school class and my consolation when I feel that I am not reaching my students. When I am frustrated by bureaucracy, he reminds me of the good I accomplish through my job. He keeps me going and lovingly lets me know that I do the same for him.

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