Tuesday, February 22, 2011

He just eats it up

We have a piano in our home that prompts many visitors to ask, "Who plays?" My usual response is, "I do, but only to entertain myself. No one else would find my playing to be that enjoyable." The notable exception to this statement is Peter. I think he likes the vibrations, because he is far happier lying on the floor than sitting with me while I play. Today as I was serenading him with my recital piece from sixth grade (one of approximately 15 songs I can play), I heard a grinding noise. I looked down and saw my little boy gnawing away on the leg of the piano bench. We now have a few more scuff marks on our used furniture. I chose a used piano because I liked the sound better, but having a bench that has seen a lot of use is a nice side effect. Now whatever we do to it is not a big deal!

1 comment:

  1. ahh, yes...we are in the process of trying to teach david that furniture is not for chewing! it amazes me how similar babies are to puppies at this stage! david even tries to crawl around holding a toy in his mouth! but he does love to "play" the piano at his nannie's house!