Monday, February 28, 2011

Babywearing bliss

I had a stomach bug over the weekend and Peter was fussy whenever I needed to sleep. My husband was saintly about the whole thing, as were his parents whom we were visiting. Today was back to reality, though. He had to go in to work and had band practice tonight, so Peter and I were on our own.
We made it through the day with extended nursing sessions and co-sleeping for naps. He was still cranky for much of the day, but it was doable. I even got a couple hours of work done! Tonight I needed to go grocery shopping, so I popped him into our infant carrier and headed off to Wegmans. Now, most people smile when they see babies, but I have noticed a much stronger positive reaction when those little ones are in a baby carrier. The dreaded errand became a little balm for my maternal instincts, which have been weak these past few days. Peter was happy to be snuggled against me (instead of so far away in the cart facing me!) and lots of people paused in their own busyness to smile at us. Why don't I do this more often?

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