Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh frabjous day!

Today's creative endeavor was reading poetry to Peter while lying on the floor with him. The poems, from Children's Classic Poetry by Derrydale Books, ranged from the whimsical The Kitten and the Falling Leaves to the lovely She Walks in Beauty to the nonsensical Jabberwocky. Peter didn't seem to have a preference for one over another; I think he was content to be next to me and listen to the cadence of the different poems. This has renewed my interest in memorizing poetry. First on the list will be Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening. I used to know this poem, but in the intervening years I combined the second and third stanzas, keeping only the first two lines of each in my memory. I can learn from the narrator, and my son, a lesson in listening. Sometimes God is in the whisper, you know.

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