Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Come to Me all who are weary

Today has been a rather long day and is still going strong. I had a staff meeting, Mass, lunch with my mom, met with a client, took Peter to his swim lesson, and attended Bible study. I've also been doing laundry sporadically. Days like today make me so grateful for my husband, who (while working more than eight hours from home) assisted as needed while our doors were replaced, drove up to unlock my car when I locked the keys in it, made dinner, watched Peter when I was visiting my client, and also went to the swim lesson and Bible study. We each have additional chores to do tonight in the remaining two hours before bed. It seems I will not accomplish something creative today, unless you count the inspiration to let Peter play with my hair clip during Bible study because I forgot to bring toys for him. No. I will make time for something creative. I'll color a thank-you note for my very deserving husband. Picture to be posted tomorrow, most likely.

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